5 Reasons to BUY the Apple Watch Ultra

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Bob Pepe
3 min readMar 15

In a recent post, I listed five reasons NOT to buy the Apple Watch Ultra.

Now here are 5 reasons you SHOULD buy it. Just like in the last post, these are in no particular order.

  1. Price… I know what you are saying “That was the number 1 reason NOT to buy the watch in the previous article, is this guy nuts”? Let me explain. At $799, the Ultra is expensive, no question about that. If you compare it to other Apple Watches it isn’t so bad. If you bought the Stainless Steel 45MM with Cellular with a nice leather or stainless steel band, it will cost you the same $799. The Ultra gives you a lot more features and benefits for the same money. If you compare the Ultra to the top end Garmin’s, it is an absolute value at $799.
  2. Style… As much as the Apple Watch has been living on the wrists of hundreds of millions of people over the years. It has basically never changed style since the original watch. We spend lots of money buying bands and changing the faces, but at its core the watch has never changed looks. The Ultra is breaking that mold. It is different , there is no arguing that. It is subjective if it is better or worse looking, but it is surely different.
  3. Battery life… Again, this was on my other list, but if you travel a lot or are some kind of endurance athlete, the battery life will greatly enhance your experience. If you are going away for the weekend, you can literally leave your charger at home. That is something that you can’t do with any other Apple Watch. Maybe you just forget to charge your watch one night? No problem, the Ultra will be fine the next day, also unlike any other Apple Watch. If sleep tracking is important to you, than the extended battery will make that much more manageable.
  4. Screen Size… That is a biggie for me. My aging eyes take full advantage of the added screen size. Typing out a message is actually very easy with the Ultra. The Wayfinder watch face, which is exclusive to the Ultra, takes full advantage of…



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