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OK, people, let me give it to you short and straight. I am not a doctor; I am not a medical researcher; I am not a biologist. I am just a middle-aged guy with a copious amount of common sense.

Omicron is a word that you never heard of less…

Thanksgiving is upon us, time to sit around with family and friends and bite your tongue. While we stuff our faces with the carcass of a sentient being, who was abused their entire life and then brutally murdered so that we can celebrate the massacre of the Native Americans. …


WOW, Kyle Rittenhouse got off!

I did my best to avoid it, I don’t have any American news apps on my phone. I don’t watch or read any of the asinine American media. I treated this case as just another piece of American trash.

If you are white and have…

I almost literally had that experience in France. We were driving from Paris to Normandy and somewhere along the way, we stopped in a gas station that had a small market (and a restroom) and we spent maybe 15 minutes there. I struck up a conversation with a guy whose English was only slightly better than my French (which is basically nothing). We swapped a hello and a head nod. I then found the aisle with a Jambon and Fromagge sandwich and somnething to drink.

I remmeber that stop at least as much as fighting the crowds at the Louve to get a picture of the Mona Lisa from about 50 feet away....

I'll take the gas station everytime!

Bob Pepe

Just a guy with some thoughts. I love tech, my family, sports, politics and trying to find my place in this crazy world

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