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A Hotel Room… An Oasis from the World

A Minimalist dream

Bob Pepe
3 min readMar 9


Having done some traveling in my life, I have stayed in some of the best hotels in the world and some of the dumpiest (Red Roof Inn in Newark Delaware, I’m talking to you) and everything in between. As a Marriott rewards member, Marriott’s are my go-to choice of hotels most of the time. They are clean, reasonably priced and seem to be everywhere.

I just mention this to give you a little backdrop on the type of hotels I am talking about.

When I rub my key against the door and the stress goes away when the light turns green and the door unlocks, a new world awaits me beyond the doorway. I walk in, take a quick look around and what do I almost always see? Very little!!

The bed is tightly made, the furniture very sparse and functional , the counters are mostly empty and clean, the bathroom has the necessities and not much more. The closets are empty and if you are lucky, you might have a little coffee maker and a couple of bottled waters.

You have entered the world of a true minimalist and you may not even know it. You lay down you bag and unpack your clothing and you are ready to take on the day or get a good night sleep.

I always sleep great in hotels. I always thought it was the mattress or being exhausted from traveling. I now understand that the peace and tranquility of a hotel room is in its minimalism. Everything is in order, you have what you need and you can just relax.

You watch a little TV that is neatly mounted on the wall or maybe you play on you iPad or phone or read your Kindle. You have a few choices, but not too many. Your tired brain doesn’t need to make any additional decisions. You have enough and that is ENOUGH!

You may have a snack in the room or a cold drink, but not a 23 cubic foot refrigerator full of a million choices and temptations staring you in the face. You see the choices available and choose one.

The floor is clean and empty, the lamp and the hard chair in the corner is waiting for you if you want to sit and read or just look out the window. How often have you sat in your home and just glanced out the window? You may grab your kindle and read a few pages because there isn’t a lot of other choices. I…



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