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You have to look beyond the specs.

Bob Pepe
3 min readMar 17


In a smartphone world that is producing bigger and bigger phones with higher specs and an even higher price. The iPhone SE 2022 is an oasis in a this troubling world of massive phones and massive prices.

I am not going to bore you with a spec sheet. If you are reading this, you probably know all of the relevant specs in regards to this phone. I am going to concentrate on the most important spec of all… The Price!

The iPhone SE starts at $429 for the 64 GB variant. 64GB is not really enough for most people, so I will say the phone costs $479, the price for the 128GB model.

The phone comes in three colors, Midnight (black), Starlight (white), and Product Red (Red). I only mention the colors because the customer of this phone is not overly concerned with style of their phone. They are looking for a good phone that works well and lasts a number of years. The color of the phone is probably meaningless to them, as they will throw it in a case and never see or think about the color again. Three choices is more than enough.

If you strip away the hype and the marketing and ask yourself what you truly want out of a device and how you will actually use it, the most common answers will be:

Texting (iMessage), running apps, actual phone calls. maybe a little content consumption, and of course the camera.

If that is the majority of your uses of a smartphone, then the iPhone SE is a perfect fit. It has a good camera, a powerful engine (same as the iPhone 13 and 14), 5G where available, a very comfortable device in the hand and fits nicely into your pocket, and it does it for less than half the price of the flagship models.

Many people are rethinking their relationship with technology in general and their smartphone in particular. They want to spend less time on their devices. They want to live more in the real world and be present and not engulfed in some virtual reality or social media. The new incredible massive phones that Apple and others are releasing these day are built to drawn you in. They have screens that are better than your TV. The cameras are better than most stand-alone cameras, the gaming is close to console level gaming.



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