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Could the Apple Watch Save the World?

OMG, It’s 11pm and I am heading up to bed and realized that my MOVE ring isn’t closed! What am I going to do? Stay calm, think… I have 50 minutes and only 30 move move points to go. I will walk around while I brush my teeth. Ya that is a good one. Then I will go downstairs and get a drink of water and maybe walk around the living room a few times swinging my arms like a crazy person, that has to be worth a few points! Fast Forward 10 minutes and DING! ALL RINGS CLOSED comes across your wrist.. Mission complete, I can now go to bed.

Does that scenario sound familiar? How often does it happen to you? Don’t you feel stupid walking in place or doing laps around your house for the sole purpose of closing a virtual ring that gives you nothing in return except a little haptic feedback on your wrist?

The Apple Watch is quickly becoming much more than a watch. It is your personal fitness coach, it is your Lab Technician, it is your personal assistant, body guard (Ok, that is a stretch) but I will explain.

The Apple Watch is already the best selling watch in the world by a mile. There are many reasons for it and the list is growing and it is growing in ways that not only make your life a little easier, it is adding features that may literally save your life.

The Apple Watch can track and monitor your Heart Beat. That is no big deal anymore, there are countless devices that can do that.

The watch can give you an ECG (Electrocardiogram) to detect problems in the wiring of your heart. Remember, it checks the wiring, not the plumbing. It can not detect a heart attack!!

If you fall down and hurt yourself, it knows and calls 911 if you can’t. I fell once in my yard, because I am clumsy and the watch knew it and asked me if I was OK, and other than a severely bruised ego, I was fine, but thanks for checking!

Rocking out to Mettalica in my car, the watch will tell me… Turn that crap down it is hurting your ears. It doesn’t actually hate Metallica but it does let you know that being in a loud environment for a long time can lead to problems.

OK, my commercial for the Apple watch is over, and you may be saying. “The Apple Watch is cool and has many features, but your Clickbait title said it would save the WORLD, not just you and you are hardly the world”!

With Covid 19 still trashing the world. I bet Apple is working on something right now that will help. Maybe an app that tells you when you are near a potential hot spot? Maybe it can beep or send you a reminder to bring your mask when you leave your home. How about an app that can tell you the nearest testing site and wait times? How about a Quarantine Timer?

We already know that the next Watch OS update will include a hand washing app to monitor your hand washing.

I am a certified Apple Fan Boy and have owned every Apple Watch they have produced and while I don’t know for certain that any of these things are in the works, I would bet my 80Gb Ipod that Apple is working on finding solutions to help facilitate the end of this pandemic.



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