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Long(er)Term Review iPhone SE 2022

It keeps getting better

Bob Pepe
2 min readApr 28


I wrote a piece about a month or so ago about how the SE 2022 was a great value for most people and how much I enjoyed using it. I am now entering my third month of use and it is getting even better!

I have adjusted my phone usage and dramatically cut down my screen time and the SE is more than able to last me the longest of days. I am generally finishing the day with about 20% battery left.

The camera is taking the same pictures my iPhone 13 Pro Max was taking, the videos are great. There has been literally nothing that I did on the 13 Pro Max that I am struggling with on the SE 2022.

Touch ID took about two days to become second nature again and now I don’t even notice my phone. It is open and ready before I even begin to glance down at it.

The form factor may be its true Superpower. It is so comfortable in the hand and fits so easily into my pocket it is almost like not carrying a phone with you at all.

I am still pairing it with the Apple Watch Ultra and with the Ultra’s huge screen and functionality, there is even less reason to pull the phone out of my pocket. It is truly the perfect marriage of form and function.

I have spent years and a ton of money trying to find the right combination of devices that limits my time in the virtual world without giving up the conveniences of the modern smartphone. I don’t know the benchmark for calling myself a Digital Minimalist, but I am feeling that I have my digital world finally in line with the real world.

For those of you who have followed my writing, you may have noticed that I have written very little in the last few months. It is not from a lack of interest or lack of things to write about. I have just been living in the real world much more. I am reading and exercising and being in the present much more and I am loving it!!

I could not recommend any higher the iPhone SE 2022 for anyone searching for less screen time and more real world time.

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