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My Thoughts On the Death Of The Queen

Long Live the King

Bob Pepe
3 min readSep 24, 2022


I know that I am a little late to the party. The death of Queen Elizabeth has been plastered all over the world for weeks, and her funeral was the most watch television show in history. (I had a hunch that she was a little more popular than Tom Brady.)

I am not going to go deep into whether or not the Monarchy is a good thing or not. I think it is wonderful and should be preserved at all costs. I do understand that many people feel otherwise and I respect their opinion. After watching the procession leave Scotland and make its way down to London and then the funeral to end all funerals, I had one recurring thought about the 10 day event.

Queen Elizabeth and the Monarchy are the glue that keeps England and the UK together. We Americans have NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING that brings us together!

The streets were lined with people for hundreds of miles. The stores closed, the Stock Market closed, even the EPL (English Premier League) shut down for the period of mourning.

The English people all stood together as one, bonded together with a common cause, united for this period of time. I am sure that there were people from all sides of the political spectrum lining those streets. I am sure that once this is all over they will go back to their collective homes and live their diverse lives, but for this short period of time, they were all one people, mourning together, as a commonwealth of nations, the political BS was put on the back burner.

This could never happen in America. We have nothing that bonds us together, except the fact we all hate each other. If President Biden died and there was a procession from Washington back to Delaware. There would be more security personnel than people lining the streets watching.

The MAGA assholes would probably try to blow up the procession. Sean Hannity would be in the best mood of his life. There would be Pig Roasts and rednecks in pickup trucks partying like Alabama just won another NCAA Championship!

When Trump dies, there will be no procession at all. He will be loaded onto his golden plane and buried under the 18th green of one of his golf courses. His people will blame Obama, Biden, and Hillary for his death. His…



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