Social Media To The Rescue

How Putin is being defeated by Facebook and Twitter

Bob Pepe
3 min readFeb 28, 2022

Social Media to the rescue! All this talk about the evils of Social Media is now being turned on its head in Ukraine. Whether it is videos of downed Russian Jets or destroyed tanks, or Russian soldiers walking around like lost children (which many of them are). The world is seeing the “real” invasion of Ukraine, not the made-up, propaganda films that Putin was hoping to produce.

We are seeing President Zelensky using Facebook Live to speak directly to his people as he is “vlogging” from the streets of Kyiv telling them that things are going to be alright.

We are getting live videos from all over the world from people protesting the invasion. This is a worldwide movement that is going to change the course of the world. Russia is going to lose and it is going to lose BIGLY!!

We are getting to see the real horrors of war. The innocent children hiding in the subway stations. To families walking across the frozen tundra trying to find asylum in Poland. We have Putin telling the world that he is only hitting military targets but we have people with iPhones showing blown up apartment buildings on Instagram and Twitter.

Most of us only get to see the war through the eyes of the media and their focus is sensationalism and getting as many eyeballs on their broadcasts. This is different, these are the people on the streets, these are the people actually fighting to save their country.

Ukrainians are keeping in touch with events on the ground through Whatsapp, they are Facetiming with their loved ones to make sure they are ok. They are tweeting about areas to stay clear of and events that are happening on the ground in their area.

The entire free world is PISSED!! They are seeing this atrocious invasion unfiltered and in real time. I am seeing protests from almost every major city in the world, and if I am seeing it, so is Putin. Instead of having his lackeys tell him everything is going great and what a great leader he is. He is quickly finding out that nothing brings the world together stronger and quicker than a small country being unjustly attacked by a larger one.

The people fighting in the streets of Ukraine are also seeing that the world is unified and supporting them. That must give them a little solace and hope.

Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, are now weapons of war and when used properly can be such a source of strength for good.

This might just be what the world needed. We have to remember that Russia is just not some country that makes good vodka. They are evil and as long as their leaders are evil we have to stop trying to get them to play nice with the rest of the world. We have to isolate them and not support them in any way and do not let them be part of the world economy.

If Ukraine can hold on and defeat Russia, we can look back at this time and thank Social Media for all its help!



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