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Enjoy the latest from Apple without draining the bank

Bob Pepe
5 min readMar 22, 2022

In this era of smartphone manufacturers continuing to make bigger and more expensive phones, I would like to give you seven reasons why you could buck the entire system and enjoy the newest IOS software and have a quality iPhone for less than $200 dollars!

The iPhone 8 was released in September 2017, almost 4 ½ years ago. That is an eternity in the tech world. Tim Cook and the boys will also spend millions of dollars every year trying to convince you that you must get the latest and greatest phone that Cupertino can produce. Mostly everyone reading this has succumbed to that marketing (I know that I have many times). I would like to show you why that doesn’t have to happen.

1. Form Factor the iPhone 8 has a 4.7 inch screen that is tiny by today’s standards. It has very clean lines, it has a single camera on the back with the Apple logo in the middle. The rounded edges make the phone very comfortable in the hand. The small size also makes one-handed operation a breeze. It has a 60hz LCD display. It is still very bright and the LCD screen is much easier on your eyes than the mega bright OLED screens that are on most smartphones these days

2. Touch ID In addition to making life much easier when wearing a mask, there are still many people that just prefer Touch ID over Face ID. This phone has a physical button that works as fast as Face ID in most cases. It also keeps you from holding the phone up to your face to get into the phone. It is definitely a matter of preference, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having Touch ID on your phone in 2022

3.Wireless Charging. This was the first phone to have wireless charging built in. It is something that we have gotten accustomed to and it is a great feature that many of us enjoy to this day. It does not charge as fast as some newer models, but with the smaller battery size and the fact that most of us just place our phones on a charger when we go to bed it is not really a big deal.

4.Performance The iPhone 8 comes with the A11 chip in it and while the iPhone 13 comes with the A15 chip, it would be easy to say that this phone can not keep up with today’s flagship phones. That is not the case! The A11 chip can…



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