The Case for the Iphone 7 Plus

Three cameras, four cameras, A10,A11,A12,A13 BIONIC!! Wholly Molly what could be next??

4.7, 5.8, 6.1, 6.5 inch… and this coming year 6.7!!! How can I live without 4 Cameras, 6.7 inches of life changing OLED screen ?

Why does it happen every year that the latest and greatest iPhones make last years Latest and Greatest seem like garbage in only 12 short months? I will tell you why, it is just Marketing… nothing more, nothing less…

You don’t need 4 Cameras, you don’t need 3 and you sure as hell don’t need that 6.7 inch OLED screen.

People need to run their apps, take pictures at the beach and the big steak they ordered at their favorite restaurant (Well, that was in the old days when we could go to a restaurant and not risk dying). They want their battery to last all day and that is about it… and you know what???

The Iphone 7+ can still do all that and do it for about a 1/10th of the cost of the Iphone 11Pro Max. It will still get the latest software update, not that you need the latest (remember last year when IOS 13 was the greatest) ? Plus it is good for the environment. The problem of electronic waste is a staggering problem, I suggest you look it up and learn about it. It will make you never to want to buy another new phone again, Well, at least it should make you feel that way.

Everyone has a smartphone these days, except those of us who are truly “Woke” and rocking and old flip phone or the ultra hip Light Phone 2. Nobody cares what phone you have anymore, that was so 2016! I love Apple and all of their products, but we have to learn for the sake of our wallets and PLANET that this annual pilgrimage to the Apple store for the latest Iphone has to end.

So whatever Iphone you are rocking these days, just keep it.. I thank you and more importantly the Planet will thank you. And don’t worry, Tim Apple will be just fine!!

Just a guy with some thoughts. I love tech, my family, sports, politics and trying to find my place in this crazy world